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Pensions Options

We provide our clients with a tailored and independent approach to financial advice. This is a professional wealth management service. The use of this service can be helpful when an individual or business has accumulated a large amount of assets and needs assistance in managing all of them effectively. We do this through bespoke Asset Allocation. 

Asset allocation is an investment portfolio technique that aims to balance risk and create diversification by dividing assets among major categories such as cash, bonds, stocks, property and derivatives. Each asset class has different levels of risk and return, so each will behave differently over time.

For instance, while one asset category increases in value, another may be decreasing or not increasing as much. Some critics see this balance as a recipe for mediocre returns, but for most investors it’s the best protection against a major loss should things ever go amiss in one investment class.

Self Employed

While we might use the term ‘sole traders’ as a label to refer to all types of self employed individuals in business on their own, In reality it splits into two sub categories: those involved in a trade, and those involved in a profession.

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The partner has a number of options with regard to using such income to make financial provision for retirement.

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Company Directors

Arranging for your company to make contributions to an Executive Pension in your name can allow you to move cash from the business into what is effectively a pot of money held under trust for you.

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If you are employed full-time, part-time, or even participating in a job share, you may take advantage of a pension.

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Group Pensions

A good pension plan can form an important part of any remuneration package actively encouraging employees to consider a long term future with your company.

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Small Self-Administered

A SSAP gives company directors the opportunity to maximise their pension funds prior to retirement by giving them control over their investments.

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We work with individuals, families, businesses, farms and charities