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Retirement Planning

The average life expectancy in the Ireland is rising, People in Ireland today are living longer, healthier lives so it’s important to plan in advance for this new phase in life and we all want the opportunity to enjoy our ‘golden years’ rather than working into our 70s.

For many of us, the prospect of retirement from work provides an opportunity to seek fresh directions and new challenges. Planning where your regular income is going to come from in retirement will give you peace of mind and leave you prepared to retire from working life whether that’s in 40 years’ time or just 10.

Planning for your retirement will give you the best chance of maximising your time, adjusting to this lifestyle change and help you budget for the type of financial security you would like during retirement. The pension’s landscape has changed significantly and while the state pension provides many with the security of having a small guaranteed income, everyone has different incomes, lifestyles, and retirement plans and likewise there are a number of different routes, financial products and ways to draw income at retirement.

The Irish Government fears that because of the relatively low level of State Pensions, individuals with no other regular income in retirement will fall back on the State for medical care and other supports, and hence impose a significant financial burden on future taxpayers. In order to try to prevent or reduce this potential burden on future taxpayers, successive Governments have provided substantial tax incentives for individuals and employers to make advance provision for retirement through private pension arrangements such as:

  • Personal Pension Plans.
  • PRSA’s.
  • Occupational Pension Schemes, including AVCs.

There are currently three main tax incentives given to encourage private retirement provision:

  1. Tax relief on contributions paid in.
  2. Tax free investment returns, while funds are accumulating.
  3. Tax free lump sum at retirement.

We will help you with all aspects of your pension and retirement planning needs. So don’t hesitate and contact us.

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