Think about your salary. Think of how much you could put away if you were really focused on saving as much as you could. And imagine putting that amount away for five years. There are lots you could do with that money. But what would you do with more?
Most people put their savings into regular savings or deposit account. That will give you a predictable, low rate of interest; you get a little extra on top of what you put in.
But when you invest your money in a fund, that little extra on top, can become a lot extra. Funds aim to grow your savings faster than interest rates offered by regular savings accounts.

How quickly, and by how much, is up to you. You can find funds with steady consistent growth, and funds that offer more potential for higher long-term gains. The higher the potential for growth, the riskier the fund, and your investment could go up or down.

But with careful management, you can build a portfolio of funds geared towards your goals. Because unlike a deposit account, you have control over how your money is invested and how hard you want it to work.

Start imagining what you could do with more.