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Self Build Mortgage

Steps to build
your own home:

Inside of a house

1. Use our Mortgage Calculator

It’s quick and easy. To find out how much you can borrow, we take your income and monthly expenses into account with our mortgage calculator.

2. Financial Advisers

Arrange a meeting with one of our Financial Advisers to discuss the self-build process. Our experienced Advisers can explain everything and guide you through the whole process.

3. Engineer or Architect

Get a certified professional affiliated with the relevant body on board to supervise your build so that it satisfies building regulations.

4. Planning Permission

You need the full & final planning approval for the Grant of Permission before starting the build and before getting an official loan offer from us.

5. Site Valuation Report

Before we can give you a full loan offer, you need to get a valuation report, to confirm the value.

6. Building Costs

Before sending in your mortgage application, you will need to submit a full costings report.

7. Construction Cover

Get construction insurance in place to cover the build. Once the building is complete you need to change your home insurance policy to match the final structure, for example, family home or holiday home.

8. Stage Payments

Your solicitor will ask for stage payments on your behalf so each phase from site purchase onwards has the necessary payment released. Once the building work is complete, we’ll need a final valuation report to pay the final stage.

Mortgage Calculator

Approval In Principle

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Mortgage protection

You will need a life cover policy for your mortgage

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