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Capital Secure Bonds

Guaranteed bonds are a great investment option for the cautious investor. Our guaranteed bonds, offer you  100% capital protection.

  • provide security for your future.
  • protect your money against the effects of inflation.
  • the potential to achieve a higher return than currently offered by deposit accounts.

These are also known as Structured Deposits / Tracker Bonds

Tracker bonds are fixed­term investments where typically most of your money is invested in a deposit based account and the rest is invested in the stock market, in a stock­market index or mix of indices. You will usually have to invest a minimum of €5,000 and the term is fixed for between three and six years.

What is the Risk ?

  • You are guaranteed to get the original amount of money you invested back. However, even if you get all of your money back, you may have lost money because of the impact of inflation.
  • Invest a lump sum and don’t need access to any of it for a set number of years
  • Take only a small risk on the return you earn